Star Wars Wine Stoppers & Lightsaber Cheese Knives

Posted: May 04, 2015
Star Wars Wine Stoppers & Lightsaber Cheese Knives
$12.50 - $109.95
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Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you. And, thanks to Zeitgass' Dark Side metal stoppers and lightsaber knives, also with your fine 2004 Cabernet Franc and stinky goaty hunk of barnyard cheese.

Celebrate the geekiest holiday of the year, celebrate the forthcoming release of The Force Awakens, celebrate all the tacos and tequila you're going to consume tomorrow for Cinco de Mayo with a few glasses (or bottles) of wine and a few ounces (or pounds) of cheese served and stored safely by the citizens of a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars wine stoppers come in characters Darth Vader, Boba Fett, an Imperial guard, and a stormtrooper. They are cast, buffed, and sealed to order from (respectively): nickel/silver; bronze/silver; copper/silver; and aluminum/silver. The lightsaber cheese knives, available in styles for soft or medium hardness cheeses, are made of aluminum with a stainless steel shank.

In addition to wine bottles, stoppers fit many oil, vinegar, and bath oil bottles as well. For the ladies who want to get dirty with Vader while they're getting clean with lavender and jojoba.

Zeitgass sells all Dark Side stoppers and lightsaber knives both individually and in sets.

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