Sovaro Luxury Coolers

Posted: June 28, 2016
Sovaro Luxury Coolers
$495 - $895
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Hey dudes, save your wine corks. You might be able to make an $800 cooler out of them. Sovaro has created a line of luxe ice boxes, the haute cool-ture (you're welcome, Karl Lagerfeld) of summer BBQs and days at the beach. But these snazzy black and white coolers aren't deemed a luxury brand just for their sexy cork-lined interiors and chrome and gold trim. Sovaro says you'll see the grandeur in their performance too.

The coolers' cork, harvested by hand from the bark of Portuguese Oak trees (and blessed with a kiss by Lurbira, goddess of earth, maybe?), serves as their insulation. If you weren't aware--I wasn't--cork is a phenomenal natural insulator, able to withstand forest fires and temperatures over 1000 degrees. And with that stamina, keeping a few drinks and sandwiches cold, even in direct sunlight at high noon on the 4th of July, is no sweat.

Cork linings are surrounded by polycarbonate plastic bodies, a material Sovaro points out is 12.6 times stronger than standard plastic. So you don't have to leave the cooler home with the Lambo when you go camping.

Clearly made with sophisticated wine, bubbles, and 40 drinkers in mind, bottles can sit upright inside a Sovaro cooler's 13-1/2"-high chamber. Additional, albeit boring and standard features, include a one-touch access latch on the lid, a bottom drainage plug, low-profile wheels, and a telescoping handle. Coolers come in 30-, 45-, and 70-quart sizes.

Muchas danke to Jason A. for the Dude Product Tip.

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