Small Business Shoutout: Ice Cream Keeper with Padlock

Posted: January 17, 2021
Ice Cream Pint Keeper with Padlock
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Thief! Karamal Sutra thief! It's a refrain heard in kitchens the world over, and it's one the Ice Cream Keeper from One Man One Garage is here to stop for good.

Sold as a flat-pack, laser-cut card kit you, or your dairy-treat-lovin' gift recipient, DIY to use, the Ice Cream Keeper is a wood holder for pints of Haagen Daz and Halo Top that: 1) insulates the ice cream to keep it cold while you're indulging; and 2) locks it up tight with an included padlock when you're not, so would-be ice cream burglars can't make off with your churned gold.

At least not if they want to eat it themselves. Unless you chain lock the Ice Cream Keeper to the inside of your freezer, someone could still steal it just to be spiteful.

Ben & Jerry's also makes an Ice Cream Lock, but I think One Man One Garage's version is much nicer looking, plus provides the opportunity for some hands-on involvement in and customization of your ice cream protection. In addition to the makings of the Keeper, the card kit includes 2 wooden spoons, a small padlock and key, and a wire handle. Assembly is by number - punch out the wood pieces, and follow the numbers to fit them together. Get even craftier and paint the finished product however you like.

One Man One Garage is a full-service artisan craft shop based out of Nashville, TN. Like the Ice Cream Keeper, most of their other products are laser-cut, and shipped as wooden pages with pieces that pop out and snap together. I've previously written up the shop's Vintage Camper Birdhouse, and other equally cool offerings include intricate city maps and lanterns.

Small Business Shoutout

Small Business Shoutout is a new Dude series that spotlights products and services offered by local, little, and/or independent operations. Plenty of past Dude posts have featured small businesses - e.g., pretty much every Etsy shop out there - but Small Business Shoutout will largely aim to cover those with their own website, online marketplace, etc.

A key component of the Shoutout will be the availability of the small business' product or service to a large audience. For example, while previous Shoutout Alchemy 365 has fitness studios in Minneapolis and Denver, their Alchemy Anywhere streaming service is a workout from home option anyone in the world can subscribe to and take part in.

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