Slow Joe Zombie Mug

Posted: January 26, 2016
Slow Joe Zombie Mug
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No, you are not seeing a hideously realistic zombie on the face of this mug just because you haven't had your coffee yet today. The zombie is real. Well, as real as Turkey Merck Pottery can make him with stoneware, ceramic slip casting, and hand-sculpted highlights. Zombie fan or not, you have to admit the effect is phenomenal.

The Slow Joe Zombie Mug is one of several unique, intricate, and grotesque designs Turkey Merck has developed and issued in limited release. While at printing the Slow Joe was sold out, a message in the company's online store notes the next series will be available sometime in February 2016, and invites fanatics interested in securing a $220 coffee mug to become a Facebook Follower for notifications on the specifics.

Once Slow Joes emerge from their molds, Turkey Merck gives each his own identity with by-hand enhancements and a custom paint job. Mugs are glazed and fired at least twice, and cast mugs are both dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

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