SIXOVERONE 6-Pack Bottle Opener

Posted: February 10, 2018
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The dudes (and they have to be dudes) behind SIXOVERONE know their 6-pack bottle opener is pure novelty gift, and a non-necessity to the beer-drinking world. On their website they crack as many jokes about their kitschy tool as they do sextuplets of beer. But it all culminates in one sentiment: "We know you didn't ask for this. ... But deep down, you know you want it!

Yeah. I kinda do.

Mostly though, I want to know more about the logistics of using a SIXOVERONE. In the demo video it looks a little touch-and-go whether or not all those bottle caps are going to line up right and, more importantly, stay in place and, more importantly, if the whole 6-pack isn't just going to dump over and create a first-aid situation when you exert the downward force needed to open 6 beer bottles at once.

These points appear not to be lost on SIXOVERONE because they include a 4-step how-to process, with both instructions and a separate video for each step, here. And their final bit of advice is, "Don't give up & keep on drinking." Which sounds like, A) opening a full 6-pack at once is going to be a challenge, and B) that challenge is only going to intensify as the night progresses, and drunkards trying to use the SIXOVERONE become even less nimble with a 6-pack bottle opener than they were at Round 1.

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