Silicone Bucket Squeeze-It Ice Cube Maker

Posted: October 16, 2020
Silicone Bucket Ice Cube Maker
$14.99 - $15.99
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Feeling hot, thirsty, and...aggressive? Freeze up this silicone bucket ice cube maker and, when your water is chilled, squeeze it to release the cubes. No, don't just squeeze it, crush it. Take the bucket between the fingers of your Hulk hand and smash the water frozen against its walls into broken shards and chips worthless of anything but chilling your wife's chardonnay and lowering your sodie to a temperature suitable for consumption!

Squeezable silicone bucket ice cube makers produce mini hexagonal ice cubes similar in size to those from a hotel ice machine. At 5-1/2" tall, the buckets are pretty small, with a 32-ounce inner cup that serves both to wall in water during freezing, and hold your ice cubes post-wall-of-water-decimation. You can drop the resultant ice into your drinks to cool them from the inside, or set a can or bottle in the bucket to cool them from the outside.

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