Sidesip Safer Driving Travel Mug

Posted: June 17, 2018
Sidesip Safer Driving Travel Mug
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Like many inventions, the Sidesip travel mug came about by accident. In this case though, it was a car accident. Clear View Cups LLC created the Sidesip, a mug whose sipping nozzle is an extension off the side of its lid, to help reduce distracted driving and maximize visibility after their dad was in a major collision as a result of another driver's sight-blocking travel mug.

If you scroll through the image gallery above, you can see the difference between a driver's view of the road when drinking from the center of a traditional insulated mug and the mouthpiece on the Sidesip. The Sidesip eliminates much of the massive blind spot otherwise formed by the mug's body as a driver tilts it to drink.

Clear View Cups believes Sidesip mugs are also preferable drinking vessels for work and home because, again, they don't block your view of the screen / book / paper during use, and they're easier to drink from without dribbling down your chin.

Sidesip insulated mugs keep hot drinks warm for up to 10 hours, and cold drinks cold for 20.

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