Sciabola del Sommelier - Champagne Sabres

Posted: October 30, 2016
Sciabola del Sommelier - Champagne Sabres
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Great. I'm gonna have to start drinking white and pink bubble wine. Because hacking off bottle necks with a Champagne Sabre is the only way my girlfriend's ever going to agree to let me wield a sword around the house. Steady...swing...whack! Yahtzee! Who wants some Argyle Blanc de Blanc? Sparkling wine for medieval spectacle. Well, on second thought, I think that's a fair trade.

Fox Knives calls their Champagne sabres "Sciabola del Sommelier," the Italian translation of Champagne sabre, not because they're pompous wine snobs, but because all of these dramatic bottle beheaders are handcrafted in Maniago, Italy, and they speak Italian there. For its part, the town of Maniago is known for the smithing and production of steel blades used in all kinds of sharp tools, such as knives, scissors, and shears. The swords here come with your choice of nickel or bronze finished hilt, and a black lacquer wooden display stand. They also ship in a wrapping paper-ready Champagne crate for easy gift-giving.

To use the Sciabola del Sommelier get a case of Cook's and one bottle of really nice Prosecco. Hold one of the Cook's in your non-dominant hand, at around waist height, head away from you. Grip the sabre in your other hand, sharp side of the blade angled downward toward the bottle neck. In a quick, snakelike striking motion, slash the sabre against the bottle neck, just under the cork. Now. Clean up the busted glass and spilt Cook's and try again. Up to 11 more times. Hopefully by try 8 or 9 you'll have gotten a clean slice, and will be able to just dump the Cook's down the drain and toss the bottle in the recycle bin instead of mopping it up off the floor. When you get there, grab the Prosecco, tell it your name is Inigo Montoya, and prepare to toast your total Sciabola del Sommelier domination.

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