Saucemoto In-Car Dip Clip

Posted: February 15, 2018
Saucemoto In-Car Dip Clip

Is the Saucemoto, a dip clip that latches onto the air vent in your car, a solution to or perpetuation of a problem? Do we really want people who have just gotten a 20-piece order of McNuggets and large fries dipping and driving? Sure, in elevating and stabilizing the ketchup and BBQ sauce Saucemoto removes some of the distraction of looking down and digging around for your condiment container, and eliminates most of the probability of spillage. But like an air vent holder for your phone, making the distraction more accessible doesn't seem to make it less of a distraction. Can't you just wait until you get home to eat your takeout?

Nah, I know. Me neither.

Milkmen Design created the Saucemoto dip clip for near-universal compatibility with both vehicle vents and fast food condiment containers. Install one for yourself as driver, or clip them on in the passenger seats, front or back, to "encourage" the kids and your friend Cornelius not to make a sloppy sauce mess all over your upholstery and console.

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