Rorschach Mug

Posted: February 05, 2017
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From he who brought you these moving Rorschach Masks comes a similar morphing ink blot effect on a medium that doesn't require covering your face in a sock and looking like a dude people cross the street to avoid to make it work: Rorschach Mugs.

Like the masks, Rorschach Mugs are inspired by illustrations Swiss psychoanalyst Hermann Rorschach published in the 1920s to determine how F'd up, and in what way F'd up you are. Obviously Rorschach designs have been co-opted for use by a certain DC Comics anti-hero too, and that's probably why you're here looking at them.

Also like the masks, Rorschach Mugs are heat sensitive, but instead of your breath and 98.6 degrees providing the warmup needed to change the blot patterns, your coffee, tea, or hot whiskey does the trick.

Ceramic mugs hold 11 ounces of liquid, and make a great gift for your favorite comic book fan.

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