Retro Camera Foldable Shopping Bag

Posted: October 14, 2021
Retro Camera Foldable Shopping Bag
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Say, "Cheese!" And then load up the wedges of Brie, Manchego, and Oregon Blue into your Retro Camera Foldable Shopping Bag. A neat little gift for photographers and the camera-obsessed, this reusable tote collapses and secures into itself in the likeness of a vintage camera.

In addition to distinguishing it from so many other fold-and-stash shopping bags out there, the Retro Camera Foldable Shopping Bag comes with a 40" neck strap so you can show it off and, more importantly, always have it nearby when you find yourself on an impromptu shopping trip. Or an unexpected encounter with the best breakfast burrito truck ever parked on the green earth, which requires the purchase and transport of a dozen additional breakfast burritos back home to enjoy for every meal the rest of the week.

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