Raclette Personal Cheese Melter

Posted: November 07, 2017
Raclette Personal Cheese Melter
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From whence does this Raclette personal cheese melter come? For those unfamiliar, Raclette is both a big ol' hunk of Swiss cheese, and a Swiss method of melting layers of the cheese over a fire, and scraping them off onto the likes of potatoes and charcuterie.

More recently, Raclette has also become associated with a tabletop party grill. Eaters cook their own meat and veg on top, and then melt the cheese into a hot mess of ooey-gooey promised land over their cooked food in a little tray underneath.

Boska Holland's twist on the original Raclette method shrinks the melting source from a roaring campfire to a set of 3 tea lights that sit underneath a nonstick Barbeclette pan to heat it. Once your cheese is bubbly, lift the pan off its oak frame and use the included spatula to slide it off onto anything from nachos to burgers to Swiss-Canadian poutine.

The Partyclette ToGo isn't limited to Swiss cheese. You can place cheddar, havarti, halloumi, Kraft singles, or any cheese that melts well onto the personal cheese melter and light it up.

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