Quik Shot Plastic Flask with Built-in Shot Chamber

Posted: April 28, 2023
Quik Shot Plastic Flask with Built-in Shot Chamber
$9 - $12
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Lemme flask you a question: would you be into an item that is "perfect for parties, tailgating or any occasion where you'd like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage?" Perhaps without anyone knowing you're enjoying an alcoholic beverage? Or perhaps without paying $23 at the concession stand for that alcoholic beverage? This is the Quik Shot, a plastic flask available in 16- and 8-ounce capacities, each with a built-in shot chamber you can squeeze to fill.

The 16-ounce Quik Shot has a 1-ounce measuring chamber, and the 8-ounce allows for a 1/2-ounce squeeze 'n' fill. Their bodies are made of food-grade HDPE plastic, so they're lightweight, in addition to shatterproof, ding-proof, and bwaaannnggg!

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