Qdo Birdie Swing Nest - Teacup with Infuser & Lid

Posted: October 07, 2020
Qdo Birdie Swing Nest - Tea Cup with Infuser & Lid
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A little birdie told me...uh...that little birdies don't like to be stuffed with tea leaves and dunked in boiling water. Even when Qdo gives them their very own swing and nest to hang out to dry on when the steeping's done. Yes, the Qdo Birdie Swing Nest teacup with attached infuser and lid is a hoot to behold, and maybe even a special tweet to use, but even if you desperately need a gift for your girlfriend, delighting and supporting others' delight in this type of avian cruelty is shameful. Borderline sick. Almost-...

...mmmmmmm! What's that I smell? Succulent fat and savory herbs and...oh boy! Looks like my wife is roasting a duck for dinner tonight!

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