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Posted: February 10, 2017
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Q-Bong calls itself the world's first pressurized beer bong. Its squeeze bulb for building up the flow, one-handed trigger valve to open the flood gates, and reservoir large enough to hold 2 cans of Natty Light mean that 24 ounces of beer can run (gush, really) from in front of your eyes to behind your bellybutton in seconds. Funnels up, dudes!

I'll admit, the Q-Bong's warp-speed transfer of booze to beer gut might not be the responsible idea for a party or, like, Valentine's Day alone, but think of it this way: we couldn't establish and define what is responsible behavior if we didn't have some irresponsible behavior to pit it against. It's the Yin-Yang of life, one cannot exist without the other. And as a proud new Q-Bong owner, I intend to Yang it out with some 6-packs this weekend so that I go into Monday with a renewed sense of what my Yin should be.

The Q-Bong chugger has a simple 3-step operation:

  1. Fill It. Again, with up to 24 ounces of brew.
  2. Pump It. Use your good hand, the one that makes nice with your trouser snake, and give the pressure bulb a few squeezes.
  3. Chug It. Brace the Q-Bong container with one hand, get a good pucker around the funnel, and use the other hand to push the triggering valve, and let the good times flow.

The Q-Bong is made in the USA from FDA-approved food-grade materials. It breaks down into 3 pieces both for easy cleaning and easy transport.

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