Pizza Slice Serving Board

Posted: January 12, 2022
Pizza Slice Serving Board
$49.50 - $96
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What the point of a Pizza Slice Serving Board is I definitely do not know. It's essentially a round cutting board cut into 6 pizza-shaped "slices," each with a handle on the end so everyone can pull out one of the personal, triangular trays to use for personal, triangular pizza slice consumption.

It's cute, but unnecessary, somewhat impractical, and probably more trouble than it's worth. I know my wife would take one look at the Pizza Slice Serving Board segments and demand to know how that tapered surface area is going to catch all the crumbs, runaway toppings, and sauce bombs that drop from slices while you're eating them. For me the problem is that each segment of the Pizza Slice Serving Board has room for just one slice of pizza, and I want to know who the pepperoni they think ever grabs just one slice of pizza at a time.

To its credit, the Pizza Slice Serving Board is made of attractive wood, and also comes with a tray that isn't divided, for holding the entire pizza prior to serving. So the presentation element of the set is nice, and might work well for homemade pizzas, particularly those hot out of a fancy home pizza oven.

Choose from 3 sizes, 10.6", 11.8", and 15.7", with the option to have your Pizza Slice Serving Board personalized.

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