Pizza Box for Eating Pizza in Bed

Posted: June 07, 2018

This unassuming pizza box pulls an outstanding Optimus Prime and transforms into a pizza box lap desk for...for...for eating pizza in bed! Eating pizza in bed! Right out of the box! The box that has turned from a cardboard square into a perfectly opened and propped-up little table that steadies slices and decreases the distance between pie and pie hole by, like, a good 8 to 10 inches!

Hats off, and thank you, Boston Pizza. This little setup looks like an awake wet dream waiting to happen. A large sausage and mushroom for me, please!

Boston Pizza, in collaboration with ad agency John St., created the pizza-in-bed-box as a Father's Day promo. Sadly, they aren't sliding their pies into the groundbreaking packaging to order, but are raffling off the limited edition boxes on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to win one, head over to the Boston Pizza BP in Bed page and follow the social media tag and hashtag instructions to enter between June 6 and June 11, 2018.

Boston Pizza, by the way, is not from Boston. It's a B.C. pizza joint with locations all over Canada, as well as a dozen or so in the US. But not a one in Boston.

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