Peugeot Clef du Vin Wine Aging Tool

Posted: December 16, 2022
Peugeot Clef du Vin Wine Aging Tool
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The Peugeot Clef du Vin Wine Tool claims it can age a wine one year for every second its "patented metal alloy" is in contact with the liquid. Wow. Now I know metals, and their alloy offsprings, are amazing - I mean, look at titanium, look at gallium, look at magnets! - but you're telling me a metal alloy disc the size of my pinky nail shoved inside a stainless steel wand can turn my 2020 Barolo into a 2010 Barolo in 10 seconds flat?!

Psssh! Peugeot Clef du Vin Wine Tool! I'll believe it when I taste it.

And also when you provide me with a 2010 Barolo to compare it to. I can't afford that vintage shizit.

Peugeot says the Clef du Vin Wine Tool works (or doesn't work, if your suspicions mimic mine) on all types and all colors of wine. Even bubbles and sweet wines, should you want to test out the Clef on the cheapest Champagnes and Ports you can find for New Year's Eve. However, the company also warns the tool's aging effect is "cumulative and irreversible," so do make sure you truly go for the cheap stuff before taking Monsieur Clef du Vin for a dip.

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