Petschke Pick Bourbon Barrel Toothpicks

Posted: November 19, 2018
Petschke Pick Bourbon Barrel Toothpicks
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Wash down Mom's creamed spinach with a glass of bourbon, and then pick out the green nuggets that stayed behind with a Petschke Bourbon Barrel Toothpick. Petschke Picks, handmade in Crestwood, KY, are thick-cut straight from used American White Oak Bourbon barrels.

Having formerly housed and aged the liquid gold of distilled corn, you can imagine what a Petschke Pick might smell and taste like. Petschke says the bourbon barrels give each toothpick "a complex aroma, flavor and texture unrivaled by the traditional toothpick." They cut them a little thicker to enhance these sensory delights.

Petschke Picks come in sets of 15, packed in glass vials all stamped, sealed, and ready to give as gift for Dad.

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