Periodic Tableware

Posted: February 20, 2015
Periodic Tableware
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Periodic Tableware is one reason why people invent new words. Like "mud-licious" and "puddle-wonderful" and, most appropriate to this case, "geektastic." This collection of scientific glassware transformed into vessels for transporting equally scientific libations is too nerdy to be completely cool, too classy to be completely nerdy, and too cool to be completely classy. Erlenmeyer flask decanters, beaker highball glasses, and infinitely invertible wine/martini glasses all made according to the iconic clean, exacting aesthetics of a laboratory? Geektastic.

Periodic Tableware is created in and shipped from the USA, hand-assembled in a Connecticut design-build studio. Down anything from your Tom Collins to your shot of Cuervo using one of the laboratory's tailored glasses or servers. My favorites are the Erlenmeyer flask martini glasses, a set of 4 x 12-ounce martini cones set atop flask bases filled with what I can only assume are melted Skittles or melted Sesame Street characters. Additional Periodic Tableware offerings include:

  • Beaker Rocks & Highball Glasses
  • Erlenmeyer Decanter with Glass Stopper & Handle
  • Infinity Invertable Wine/Martini Glass
  • Laboratory Beaker Wine Glass
  • Laboratory Shot Glasses
  • Vacuum Flask Cocktail Shaker Set
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