Outdoor Polar Ice Freezer

Posted: June 23, 2016
Outdoor Polar Ice Freezer
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When I saw this Polar Temp freezer I was immediately reminded of 2 things. 1) How picky my mama is about ice. When I was little she'd drive us up to a corner store called Freddie's to get it out of this exact style of Polar freezer, even if we'd already done all of the other grocery shopping at another store, and even once we got a refrigerator that made its own ice. "Freddie's has the best ice," she'd say. I was 8, so at the time I just figured ice was like cereal; some was better than others. Then once I was old enough for her to make me walk or drive to Freddie's to get the ice for her, I realized what a load of crap that was. "Ice is ice, Mama!" And now that I myself am a discerning and particular adult...I go to Freddie's, and Freddie's only, to get my ice.

2) This recent story about a lady who bought a freezer from her neighbor, but was told not to use it until the "church" came by to clean out its contents. When 3 weeks went by and the "church" didn't show up, she removed the duct tape that had sealed it and found--yep--a dead body inside.

I am pretty sure (pretty sure) neither Polar nor Amazon will sell you a backyard freezer filled with human remains. This one is brand new with a 60 cubic foot capacity, and 3" of thick, foamed-in-place CFC-free polyurethane insulation in its floor and ceiling, plus 2" in the sidewalls. With self-closing, magnetic-locking aluminum doors, you should never get a bag of melted ice, defrosted side of beef, or smelly dead body ever again!

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