Nutshell Coolers - Coolers Insulated with Coconut Husks

Posted: August 17, 2021
Nutshell Coolers - Coolers Insulated with Coconut Husks
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Nutshell Coolers are lightweight, collapsible coolers whose insulation comes from coconut husks. More specifically, upcycled coconut husks that would otherwise be burned as agricultural waste, and upcycled coconut husks that replace the plastic foam many other coolers go with to achieve their ice preservation properties.

Nutshell says they've tested their coconut coolers' cold retention capabilities, and found they could keep ice frozen for 48+ hours - a feat that, if accurate, would best the Yeti Hopper Two, Coleman Excursion, and styrofoam coolers placed in identical conditions.

Nutshell Cooler shells are not made from coconuts, but from certified recycled polyester yarn. The soft shells are leak-proof on the inside and water-repellent on the outside, and allow the coolers to fold flat when not in use. A removable interior lining makes cleanup a little easier.

Also important to Nutshell is to note that while their coconut husk coolers will stay with you longer than an Igloo Recool compostable model, they are "built to last years (not millennia)." The sustainable materials that go into making the coolers also support the environment when their usable life is up; the insulation is biodegradable and easily removed.

Are you cuckoo for coconuts in coolers? Pledge for a Nutshell Cooler here on Kickstarter through September 16, 2021.

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