NutroVape Inhalable Sleep Aid

Posted: March 29, 2017
NutroVape Inhalable Sleep Aid
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You can vape mind-altering herbs, essential oils, and fruity waxes into the evening, but when bedtime hits...and insomnia follows...NutroVape will let you inhale sleep. The self-described "delivery system" stores a cartridge of liquified over-the-counter sleep and relaxation supplements in the base of vape pen. When you inhale, NutroVape atomizes the liquid and releases it as a vapor of slumber. The point, besides capitalizing on the vaping trend, is to produce far faster results than pills and drinks because the inhalation method can bypass your digestive system--there's no need to break down, process, or separate the goods from the filler.

NutroVape Sleep blends melatonin, l-theanine, natural passionflower, and natural chamomile. Each pen contains around 200 inhalations, and each recommended "dose" consists of 3 to 5, 3-second puffs prior to going to bed. If you use it nightly, a NutroVape Sleep should last you about 4 weeks.

Ever the fan of balance, NutroVape also makes an inhalable Energy version of their pen for those who need to snap to and herd sheep rather than lie down and count them.

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