NightCap Drink Spiking Prevention Scrunchie

Posted: December 06, 2021
Night Cap Drink Spiking Prevention Scrunchie
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It is a sad day in Whoville when Cindy-Lou has to put a NightCap Scrunchie over her cocktail to prevent some who-hole from dropping roofies in it. But these are the times we live in, and if an 80s-era hair tie tethered to a nylon-spandex cup cover can keep you safe from spiked drinks, better safe than drugged, I guess.

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Shirah Bernarde was 16 when she came up with the idea for the NightCap, prompted by stories of drink spiking she heard from friends in college. Her prototype was a hair scrunchie attached to a pair of cut-up pantyhose from her mama's closet. Shirah's 21-year-old brother, Michael, came home from college and saw it and, knowing firsthand how prevalent the problem was on his own campus, teamed up with her to create what is now the NightCap.

The NightCap fits over most cups and glasses, thanks to its stretchy material composition, and can prevent evildoers from spiking their contents with pills and powders. There's a hole in the top of the cover for inserting a straw so you can still enjoy your drink with it on. When not in use, you can wear the NightCap Scrunchie on your wrist or in your hair - it has a hidden pocket for stowing away the cover.

In addition to dangerous substances, the NightCap can keep bugs, debris, and other crap from dropping into your drink. The cover is machine washable, and comes in a few different colors.

NightCap Scrunchies are obviously marketed as gifts for women, but you know who else could use a set? Stu and Phil. Damn you, Alan!

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