Naughty Vintage China

Posted: October 11, 2013
Naughty Vintage China
$22 - $140
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Trixie Delicious' naughty china reminds me of sitting at an austere dinner table with my friend Cornelius and trying to destroy his composure by saying words like "penis," "boobies," and "cocksucker" under my breath. Except in this case I wouldn't have to talk at all--I'd just hand him a plate of jalapeno poppers and let the "Gaybo" or "Fuck face" curlicued all over them do the rest.

Each piece in the naughty china collection is a OOAK, reworked vintage dish. Chortle-rousing script is applied by hand with heat-fused Porcelaine ceramic paint. Available dishes range from waxing poetic dinner plates ("Holy Shit") to observant side plates ("Nympho") to teacups that might make you reconsider your request for some tea ("Minge"). Minge. Ew. Calling me a motherfucker while I eat is one thing, but mingling pubic hair with my attempts to satiate my appetite? That is where I draw the line.

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