Musical Wine Glasses

Posted: November 08, 2012
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The Germans. So precise. They even have to formulate and label the aural art of swirling one's finger 'round a wine glass. Not that I'm complaining in this case. After all, the 12 delineations on these Musical Wine Glasses, each specifying what note will ring out during rim circumlocutions or gentle fork tapping, will make it much easier for me to serenade the ladies with my Merlot and Cabernet renditions of Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" and Jimmy Buffett's "Why Don't We Get Drunk?"

The two-glass set is finished with a "gold lustre" of lines demarcating 1-1/2 octaves of musical notes from A to B-flat. Obviously to make any semblance of a real song (i.e., "Mary Had a Little Lamb"), you'll need at least 4 glasses, or $128. Or 4 glasses, and a Santy Claus hookup.

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