Monkey Brains Bowl

Posted: June 03, 2014
Monkey Brains Bowl
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Dinner of Doom is served. And even if you can't procure authentic chilled monkey brains to fill this bowl, I'm sure the effect of serving a culinary horror can still be achieved with the addition of more readily available stomach-turners. Haggis. Menudo (soup or band). Bull's testicles & squid ink. Spaghetti-Os.

Make meals way more fun and cranial with this Monkey Brains Bowl, a Maharajah of Pankot exclusive. The bowl includes a plastic insert to make filling and cleaning easier, and ensure melting Cherry Garcia ice cream doesn't start running out of the monkey's nose. No reason to add insult to injury.

Those too squeamish to eat from a monkey's hollowed head can also use the Monkey Brains bowl to store pens, keys, or toenail clippings.

The Monkey Brains Bowl is a top Dude Gift for Halloween and Novelty Gift pick.

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