Monbento x Opinel On-the-Go Meal Kit

Posted: May 03, 2023
Monbento x Opinel On-the-Go Meal Kit
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If you'd like a fancy pants lunch box and some fancy pants cutlery to properly complement your fancy pants lunch of leftover lamb chops with blackberry chutney, look no further than Opinel's On-the-Go Meal Kit collaboration with Monbento. A fine gift for foodies, the kit combines Monbento's bento-style MB Original Outdoor Lunch Box with Opinel's No.08 Folding Knife and Picnic+ insert set (a fork and a spoon).

The No.08 knife is a limited edition Opinel folder, whose handle is engraved with a cool French-inspired mountain scene that also decorates the handle for the fork and spoon, plus the top of the lunch box. The anthracite and mustard colorway is also unique to the Monbento x Opinel collaboration.

The Monbento bento box includes a pair of airtight containers (34-ounce total capacity) and lids that attach with a thick elastic band. A food cup for condiments, dressings, toppings, or a wee bit of dessert is also nestled inside one of the dishes.

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