Metamorphic Rock Naturally Insulating Cup

Posted: March 05, 2016
Metamorphic Rock Naturally Insulating Cup
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The Stone Cup is kind of the cellar of drinking vessels. Thanks to its composition of metamorphic rock born deep beneath the earth's surface, the cup has mad, and all-natural, insulating skills. Both for cold drinks, as you'd expect, as well as hot ones, since the artisan-milled black marble forming Stone Cups can be either chilled or heated to complement drinks prior to use.

Rather than calling on man-crafted vacuums and double walls, Stone Cup creators wanted to replicate one of nature's own methods of liquid temperature regulation. The Stone Cup's natural abilities mimic those you would find in natural springs, whose water filters through miles of rock and flows "as hot or cold as the stone that carried it there."

While all Stone Cups share a curved design for a comfy, cozy grip and scent concentration, no two are alike since each is individually milled from blocks of black marble. Some benefits of going au naturel with metamorphic rock include: zero drink dilution or aftertaste; safe for pre-heating or cooling before use; dishwasher safe; and construction that will last a lifetime.

Pledge for your set of Stone Cups, selling in packs of 2 to 10, on Kickstarter through March 12, 2016.

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