MechaniCoasters - DIY Kinetic Sculpture Coasters

Posted: September 30, 2021
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I definitely wanted a set of MechaniCoasters to appease my fidgety fingers and steampunk penchant, and my wife's naggy inclinations and aversion to anything ring-shaped and wet touching her tables. But then I saw these super cool kinetic sculpture coasters are DIY. Like, if you want to tinker with their 4 different mechanical movements, and you want to make your wife happy you're using coasters, you can't just buy a set from Derek Hugger, you have to build them yourself.

Hugger, who developed the MechaniCoaster design (and presumably the clever name), does sell the woodworking plans needed to DIY them. Buyers are emailed printable PDF patterns they can use to cut the coaster's plywood parts manually, as well as DXF and STL files they can use with a CNC machine.

Each MechaniCoaster has a turnable outer ring that animates the interior design, creating spinning, clicking, and twirling patterns. Hugger does offer free dowloadable samples of the different types of MechaniCoaster plans. The PDF version provides a list of the required tools, hardware specs, and a glimpse of the included wood patterns and assembly instructions. CNC machine files are helpful for testing CAM software compatibility.

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