Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All Kit

Posted: May 01, 2020
Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All Kit
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Oh Lodge, you're such a cook-it-all. Brushing off others' dutch ovens and individual pieces of campfire cookware, acting like your 2 pieces of cast iron reign supreme for all needs, in all conditions. It's especially irritating because...you might be right.

The Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All Kit consists of a pair of reversible, multi-functional cast iron pieces and heavy-duty handles for maneuvering them when hot. The shallow piece, a 10.25" skillet, has a grill surface on one side and a flat-top griddle on the other. You can also use it as a lid when cooking with the second piece, a 6.8-quart combination wok and skillet, which also inverts to serve as a domed baking lid.

The Cook-It-All Kit's skillet has also undergone a patented heat-treating process to prevent rusting, so if you need to, you can run it through the dishwasher.

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