Kramstein Modern Beer Steins

Posted: January 17, 2017
Kramstein Modern Beer Steins
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According to creator Dan Cram, the Kramstein was created out of necessity. Because, "Sipping on bottles is for babies." And, "Drinking mead from a wine glass will get you a one-way ticket to Helheim." And the steins available at the time all transferred the holder's body heat to his bear, and cold and condensation to his hand. Cram needed something better. He says. My personal take on the situation is that Cram and his buddies, who have 50+ years of machining and design experience amongst them, just threw back a few one slow night and, instead of deciding to go outside and break shit like me and my friend Cornelius would, they decided to go into their shop make shit. And behold! The Kramstein was born!

Nonetheless, Cram says the Kramstein has all of the features they love about steins, but eliminates the few that they don't. It consists of a stylized drinking glass nestled into an even more stylized hard metal alloy frame. The glass, available in clear or smoke, is laser-etched with Celtic designs and the frame anodized in black, red, grey, or blue. While I like the chosen symbols OK, I gotta say what I really like is the Kramstein logo, a black-bearded warrior contoured out of a red-eyed hawk. I'd like a stein with that dude front and center.

The Kramstein glass removes from its frame for cleaning, and remains safe inside it, no sliding around (or crushing) thanks to ionomer resin bushings and corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners. As intended, the result of the Kramstein design is a vessel that won't absorb hand heat or spread slippery, slimy wetness to it.

AEON and EPOCH Kramsteins are seeking Kickstarter funding here through February 14, 2017. AEON holds 16 ounces of beer and EPOCH 1000mL, or 33+ ounces.

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