KEGO Mobile Kegerator

Posted: May 19, 2021
$649 - $999
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Roll it. Set it. Burp it. Share it. Beer lovers, the KEGO mobile kegerator hopes to make throwing back a cold one as easy as...throwing back a cold one.

KEGO is built to go anywhere from your backyard to your campsite to your tailgate. Sitting atop rubber wheels to make it "portable as hell," the KEGO sports an oak barrel design that's actually a double-wall-insulated rotomolded housing engineered to keep your beer fresh for days without the addition of more ice.

Inside, KEGO is sized to fit and pour a Sixtel or Cornelius keg. It comes with a full draft system, including CO2, regulator, and restaurant quality faucet. To load and use, slide your keg and ice into the KEGO's top hatch and connect it to the coupler / tap. Use the relief line to burp your baby and release excess pressure before opening the KEGO faucet and turning the flow control dial to let your brew loose. According to KEGO, you'll get the perfect pour. After pour. After pour.

Pledge for your KEGO mobile kegerator here on Kickstarter through June 18, 2021.

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