Insulated 12 oz Lowball Tank

Posted: September 01, 2016
Insulated 12 oz Lowball Tank
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I think the implication is that this is a Strong. Ass. Cup. A cup for men who twist off caps that aren't twist-off. For men who rip open Amazon Prime boxes with their bare hands. For men who inflate all 12 of the Annual Labor Day Float rafts with pure lung power, and only pass out for a minute! Magnum Steel's 12 oz Lowball Tank is for men who can't use a glass because such weakling drinkware crushes and crumbles under the pressure of their vice-like grip. And also they sometimes drop and break them somewhere around the 5th gin.

The Lowball Tank is a modern insulated tumbler ready to send of your summer with ice cold mules and margaritas, and ring in the fall with hot pumpkin spice lattes and Irish coffees. Food-grade 18/8 stainless steel comprises the bulk of its smooth cylindrical shape, with an included BPA-free lid to cap the cup off for sipping and travel.

Magnum Steel says the 12 oz Tank has a flavor- and sweat-free design, with rounded interior corners for easy cleaning. They also say it's a tumbler that should not only last you for life, but that you can pass down to your kids when you die. Sweet! Now you don't have to stress about being able to leave them rental properties and NFL season tickets.

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