Indoor Pressure Smoker

Posted: February 27, 2014
Indoor Pressure Smoker
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Emson Electric's indoor pressure smoker sears, cooks, and cold smokes up to 4 pounds of food at a time. Rrraawwrr! Dinner for 1 is served! In up to 70% less time than it would be if infused with the savory breath of a hickory tree in a traditional outdoor smoker, no less. BBQ brisket in an hour. Roast chicken in 20 minutes. Smoked Velveeta in less time than I need to drop the kids off at the pool! Oh yeah, you read that right. The pressure smoker even laces the veins of foods like cheese and hard boiled eggs with its cold-smoking wiles.

Combining the speediness of a pressure cooker with the intensity of a smoker, the 5-quart countertop unit claims to be the only one of its kind. With a 15 psi increase of internal pressure, it is able both to elicit faster cook times and lure out a meal's worth of smoke from only 3 to 5 wood chips. An adjustable cook rack holds up to 4 levels of sausages and ribs or a quad of pork chops and a grip of hot wings. Digital settings guide users on how not to F up the 3-pound hunk of salmon their future father-in-law caught, boned, and filleted himself this morning. Emson's pressure smoker can also sear contents prior to smoking it.

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