Icee Floating Inflatable Cooler

Posted: April 16, 2021
Icee Floating Inflatable Cooler
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I don't know if I need an Icee floating inflatable cooler, but looking at and reading about it sure makes me want an Icee right now. Mmmm, flashback to the 80s, and the concession stand at my peewee baseball games. I think the only reason I played peewee baseball was to get my weekly Cherry Icee after the game. Sometimes Coke Icee, but usually Cherry. With that domed lid and bright red spoon-straw that I sometimes cut my tongue on in my eagerness to scoop the incomparable frozen sugar snow from cup to mouth. Ah, those were the days and, forget the ice cream man, that was the summer treat.

I wonder if a Cherry Icee would taste as good to me now, or if it's just my memory and nostalgia kicking in as its hype guys. Maybe I'd be better off making new memories with an Icee Cooler and some margaritas.

The Icee Pool Floating Cooler has 6 drink holders encircling its branded ice chest center, the latter zippered to keep ice and drinks cool and contained, and big enough to hold around 10 cans or bottles. The floating cooler also has 4 side handles for towing it around the pool, or tying it up with a line to keep the Icee party from floating away.

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