ICEBREAKER Twist & Serve Ice Cube Tray

Posted: June 16, 2019
ICEBREAKER Twist & Serve Ice Cube Mold
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Hey, it's a pepper grinder for water. The ICEBREAKER is an ice cube mold with a twist & serve dispensing lever on the top. Move the lever to the side to fill the tray, stick it in the freezer for...however long it takes 12 ice cubes' worth of water to freeze...and then hold the ICEBREAKER over your glass and rotate the lever to pop one or two out.

By completely covering and containing the water, the ICEBREAKER allows for freezing without leaks and freezer odors seeping into the ice. It also makes consistent, evenly sized and shaped ice cubes, which you can dispense without touching.

From the looks of it, without bending, twisting, and slamming the ice tray on the counter either.

You can also place ICEBREAKER twist & serve ice cube trays in the freezer in any position, flat, sideways, or upright.

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