Hotdogger - Hot Dog Bun Driller

Posted: November 12, 2018
Hotdogger - Hot Dog Bun Driller
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Nevermind, Hotdogger, that no one's life is going to be lacking without a device that "drills" a hole in uncut hot dog buns so you can slip the dogs in condom-style and avert a condiment spurt while you're eating. I'm not sure that's even a first world problem, or a first world problem amongst avid hot dog eaters. My bigger issue with your Hotdogger device, which also looks like some sort of 8-bit weapon out of the original Legend of Zelda, is that even if can prevent condiments from oozing out of the bun during eating, how are you going to get them in there without making a mess in the first place?

The hole the Hotdogger drills looks to be only a fraction of an inch bigger in diameter than your average hot dog itself. So once you've boring tunneled it out, you have 2 choices: 1) Put the ketchup, mustard, relish, cream cheese, whatever your dog fancy is, in there first, and then enjoy having it squirt right back out the end at you when you insert the hot dog; or 2) Put the dog in first, and then enjoy having the toppings run all over your hand and arm as you try to stuff them in through the tiny clearance left over.

I mean, I guess you could use something other than a standard-size hot dog bun, like a hoagie roll, but then you've got a fat wad of extra bread detracting from the meat of what you came to the hot dog vendor for in the first place.

My point is, Hotdogger: probably not a great buy for yourself. But! Hotdogger: excellent white elephant gift, or stocking stuffer for the family member you don't like all that much.

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