HeatGenie Self-Heating Beverage Container

Posted: March 28, 2018

HeatGenie isn't so much a life-changing invention as it is a just kinda cool one. At first I thought the self-heating container for ready-to-drink beverages was another mug with a rechargeable battery (like the Ember mug). But it's more like a cross between a sodie can and those air-activated hand warmers that fire up when you open the package, and then last a few hours, but are only good one time.

So the HeatGenie container is for consumer use, but its sale is geared towards beverage producers and brands - the people who would bottle up their coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and soups cold, and then sell them to you at the 7-Eleven or the vending machine when you want some caffeine and creamy tomato nourishment on the go.

When you twist open a HeatGenie, it activates a solid state thermal reaction in a small, lightweight heater at the core of the container. This energy warms the HeatGenie contents in less than two minutes. No plugs or batteries required, and you can continue holding, and moving, with the can during and after the heating process.

Once you polish off the mocha inside, HeatGenie cans are disposable and, according to the company, recyclable, since they're made with the same metal as other cans. They say the components inside the heater, a dry mixture of aluminum and silica, are environmentally-safe for standard disposal and recycling too.

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