GoSun Solar Stove

Posted: February 08, 2015
GoSun Solar Stove
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Why use a stovetop, or even a campfire to cook your pork & beans when you can use an evacuated glass tube? The GoSun Sport heralds itself as the fastest and easiest solar cooker available. Able to reach temperatures over 550 degrees F, it can cook a full meal in as little as 20 minutes.

Under full sun the GoSun sport takes about 10 minutes to heat up 4 standard hot dogs, 20 minutes to scramble eggs and set blueberry muffins, and around 30 minutes to cook a few pounds of raw meat. And while sun is handy for the process, blazing rays are not required; the Go Sun will still cook in cloudy conditions, and the company says that "almost no day is off limits."

GoSun packages are fuel-free, bypassing other cookers' flames and messes, and collapsible for portability. Possible cooking methods include steaming, baking, frying, roasting and boiling. The solar stove measures 2' long x 2.25" round and accommodates over 3 pounds of food, or enough to feed 3 to 4 people per batch.

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