Go Cuff Insulated Drink Sleeves with Handles

Posted: May 24, 2023
Go Cuff Insulated Drink Sleeves with Handles
$12.95 - $18.95
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Smoothies, iced coffees, bubbles teas, all ye cold beverages that devolve into a big ol' sweaty mess the moment you step outside in the summer heat, Go Cuff hears your cries of embarrassment, and Wicked Witch wails of "I'm melting!" and Go Cuff is here to dry your tears / perspiration and help you keep your cool. Go Cuff is a line of insulated drink sleeves made to fit and preserve everything from your 8-ounce green juice to your 44-ounce reusable tumbler full of frozen mochaccino.

Go Cuffs come in small, medium, and large sizes, and bottomed and bottomless designs. They are made of high-density, 4mm thick neoprene that maintains drink temperature for longer, absorbs any condensation that forms on the cup, and keeps your hand from getting cold. Or hot. Since we're headed into summer, I'm looking at Go Cuffs as icy beverage koozies, but you can certainly use them as sleeves for hot drinks too.

Go Cuff handles are fabric-covered, but rigid enough to support your jumbo drinks, and give your grip a break when you're sipping from a girthy container. The sleeves are washable, and come in a few dozen different colors and patterns.

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