Funnel Gag Beer Bong

Posted: November 10, 2019
Funnel Gag Beer Bong
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Who needs a gag gift? Yuk, yuk, yuk. Or rather, Glug, glug, glug if you're using the Funnel Gag Beer Bong correctly and like the Natty-Light-guzzling slave you are.

Leather workshop Midnight Blues created their Original Funnel Gag all the way back in 1999. Wow, twenty years ago. These guys have been ball gag bonging since a time when I needed a fake ID to buy the beer that goes in the bong, and was still watching half my porn on VHS! Impressive.

The Original Funnel gag consists of a leather strapping system that tightens around the guzzler's neck and anchors a high density plastic funnel to his or her forehead. The gag's mouthpiece and funnel's tube have been coated in synthetic rubber.

Inside, the funnel has a screen to slow the flow of beer through its tube, but during use I'd still keep one sober person on hand to rip off the mask and administer chest compressions should the gag bonging go wrong.

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