Fruzi Freezable Insulated 6-Pack Holder

Posted: May 17, 2023
Fruzi Freezable Insulated 6-Pack Holder
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Swap your koozie for a Fruzi and you'll have a whole 6-pack of beers chilled, corralled, and ready to carry anywhere. Fruzis are soft-shelled koozies made with Gel-Pak insulation, aluminum lining, and neoprene sleeves. Freeze them before use, and the coolers won't just keep your cans and bottles cold, they'll make them even colder. A beer transferred from a 38-degree refrigerator into a fresh-from-the-freezer Fruzi will drop down to 35 degrees after the first 30 minutes it's snuggled inside, and maintain its chilled temperature for at least another 30 minutes after that.

Fruzis come in sets of 6, convenient for carrying the most popular pack of beer, and include a paracord carrier to link them for transport, and a bottle opener for cracking caps if you prefer glass to cans. An adjustable velcro seal allows Fruzis to adapt to various beverage container types and sizes.

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