Folding Ice Table

Posted: June 02, 2023
Folding Ice Table
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This Folding Ice Table solves a problem that's hit me pretty hard in my 40s: bending over. Never thought much of it in my 20s and 30s, but now? I really have to evaluate how bad I want something situated lower than waist level, or how important it is to pick up something I've dropped. And if the item is deemed bend-worthy, I must then plan my approach carefully, and execute the movement with focus and precision. Otherwise, the punishment administered by the overlord, my musculoskeletal system, will be swift, and it will be brutal.

But like I said, the Folding Ice Table eliminates both the consideration and possible effects of bending over, because this sweet drink chiller lifts its cans and bottles 32.5" off the ground. The tabletop is about 4' long, and made of sturdy polyethylene that, along with the solid iron folding legs, gives the elevated cooler a 440-pound load capacity. So, plenty strong enough for all your cubes and beverages, and possibly also strong enough for me to use as an ice bath on days I make the wrong choice about whether or not to bend over.

The Folding Ice Table also comes with a white skirt in case you want to cover the metal table legs, or the elephant-dong-lookin' drain hose dangling from its center.

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