Folding Cooler

Posted: May 29, 2013
Folding Cooler
$42.22 - $79.95
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What would be really sweet is if this Kelty cooler could fold up all compact and non-space-consuming after I filled it with ice and Vess orange sodie and Bud Light Lime, but I guess I can't really expect outdoor brands to figure out how to defy the laws of physics--at least not for another 10 to 15 years--so in the interim, their collapsible design for empty coolers still ranks pretty high on the Handy Scale.

Available in 20-, 25-, and 50-liter sizes, the Kelty folding cooler's slim compacted profile makes for easier storage and portability, while its unfolded state still produces a semi-rigid ice box sturdy enough to hold your potables and perishables in its molded foam chest, your beer in its lid's 4 cup holders, and your feet across its top deck.

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