"Flip-It" Wine Aerating Carafe

Posted: January 07, 2018
"Flip-It" Wine Aerating Carafe
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I like "Flip-It" Wine Aerator, but Menu actually calls their invertible / revertible carafe the Winebreather. Though similar to a decanter in shape - and in function if you choose to use it that way - the aerator distinguishes itself with a bottle-neck-hugging top lined with an accordion of water(well, wine)tight rubber. Place the Winebreather over the mouth of an open bottle of wine to create a seal, and then Flip It! The wine pours from the bottle to the carafe, aerating it along the way.

From there you can remove the bottle and serve your wine straight from the decanter. Or! You can Flip It! again and send the wine back into the bottle for aerated service straight from the source. The second option is especially handy if you need to decant several bottles of wine, and want to do it in advance of your guests arriving, or before you sit down to enjoy a Syrah-laced Star Wars marathon all by yourself.

What?! I said I'd be all by myself. I can do what I want with Star Wars, a Sunday afternoon, and 3 bottles of Syrah!

The Winebreather's versatility, plus its ability to put on a nice show when you pour wine into and back out of it, make the aerator a top Dude Gift for a Party pick.

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