Fake Tampon Flasks

Posted: October 06, 2016
Fake Tampon Flasks
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Mmmm, boy. Who wants an illicit Bloody Mary? I don't care how thirsty I might be at a dry college football game, show, or church service, I don't think I could take a swig of anything out of a tampon. Even a fake tampon that's just a flask made to look like a tampon. You know a few times my girlfriend's cat Zanzibar has gotten into the trash, and it always seems to be at a particular time of the month, and if you understand where I'm going with this you should be right there with me when I say a tampon flask is no better than an oozing pimple cupcake.

Sick. Sick, sick, sick.

But if you want one, head on over to Amazon and get yourself a 10-pack of single-use "tampons" large enough to hold a single shot of your favorite booze. They even include wrappers, each with an adhesive strip that will seal your lady part products inside.

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