Duo Carafe - Instant Hot Water As You Pour

Posted: January 09, 2019

The Duo Carafe is an on-the-go water heater for tea, coffee, Cup Noodle, and science-y gadget lovers that raises the temperature of the cool water hanging in its bottom reservoir as you pour it out of the top. It's a 2019 CES prototype launch from Heatworks, and a follow-up to the equally nifty Tetra plumbing-free countertop dishwasher, which the company debuted last year (and should begin taking pre-orders for soon.)

A rechargeable-battery-operated appliance, the Duo Carafe is designed to heat water with precision to (+/-) 1 degree F of your digitally selected temperature. And it doesn't just do it fast, it does it, shall we say, in real time. As you pour. The Duo Carafe's heat source, like the Tetra dishwasher's, is Heatworks' patented Ohmic Array Technology, engineered with graphite electrodes and electronic controls, which they say both allows more accurate temperature control, and won't rust and scale over time like metal heating elements.

For avid tea and coffee drinkers, who know different leaves and grounds taste best at different temperatures (i.e., 195 to 205 F for coffee, 175 for green tea) the Duo Carafe enables individuals to heat just the right amount of water to just the right number of degrees. And since the water still in the reservoir remains cool as you pour, multiple people can heat up multiple different drinks in quick succession without reheating, waiting for a cool down, or dumping out and starting over. You can also keep the water in the Duo Carafe cool, and just use its built-in filter to pour a glass of clean H20.

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