Dumpster Fire 2020 Insulated Travel Mug

Posted: April 07, 2020
Dumpster Fire 2020 Insulated Travel Mug

Dumpster Fire 2020 merch is about to light up online marketplaces. This Dumpster Fire 2020 insulated travel mug from Missing Digit Woodshop is a big deviation from their other whimsical designs, namely the Spartan Knife Block and the Office Spartan. While still clever, and poised to be useful once we're allowed to travel places again, the 20-ounce tumbler printing with a flaming dumpster will ultimately - hopefully - serve as more of a memento of this shit show we're - hopefully - living through, a Covid-19 collector's items you can - hopefully - show to your grandkids as you tell them tales of the great coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

Also available around the web: 3D-printed dumpster fire desktop toys, in your choice of standard or LED-lit, and with an optional custom engraving; dumpster fire morale patches; and this awesomely ironic "Fire Brigade Accessories Set" from kids' brand Playmobil. Grab a Sharpie and graffiti up the dumpster in that one with a "2020" in your own stylized, apocalyptic font.

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