Draft Top Beer Can Opener

Posted: August 07, 2020
Draft Top Beer Can Opener
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Cups. I thumb my nose at thee. No, make that my Draft Top. I thumb my Draft Top at thee.

The Draft Top is a beer can opener that removes the entire top of aluminum beverage cans (sodie cans too). Because maybe you'd rather sip your brew than slurp it through that tiny tab hole. Maybe you want a Jack & Coke, and you have the Jack and you have the Coke, but no cup to mix them in. Or maybe your environmentally conscious self doesn't want to waste a cup. Or maybe your lazy self doesn't want to venture away from the couch and Sobro Cooler Coffee Table to get one.

So many complex reasons to use a Draft Top!

And complexity itself is Draft Top's own favorite reason to pop the whole top off your cans with their bar tool. The company says opening up more of the can also opens up more flavor so you can "experience the full aroma of your drink" without transferring it to a glass.

Also, Draft Top promises to leave a smooth edge in its path, so if you want to use your own blood to make an IPA shandy, you'll have to cut yourself with something other than your Draft Topped beer can.

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